About us

Kuffler's Weinzelt has been at the Wiesn since 1984 and is run by members of the Kuffler family. Stephan and Sebastian Kuffler are the hosts together with their mother, Doris Kuffler.

Stephan Kuffler is often out and about with his camera, and his Wiesn photos can be seen here every day. He has been writing a much-acclaimed Wiesn column for the Münchner Merkur since 2008, and has appeared in parallel in the tz since 2022.

As a trained paramedic, Sebastian Kuffler is our insurance when things get serious. He helps so quickly that in most cases the ambulance does not even have to be called.

Kuffler Gruppe

Aside from the two weeks at the Oktoberfest, you are more likely to meet Stephan and Sebastian Kuffler in suits and at their desks. They are the second generation to run the Kuffler Gruppe, a private hospitality company with hotels, restaurants and catering in Munich and Frankfurt.