Even without a table reservation, you can find a spot in Kuffler's wine tent, for example at one of the four bars. Try which one you like best!

In the pretty leafy garden of Kuffler's Weinzelt, between the legendary jacket potato stand and the Echte Wurst hut, "Caputo" welcomes his guests to the Frey & Wild garden bar. A picture-perfect charmer, with his fun, highly professional crew. The bar professionals are well known to many as the makers of the Bar am See/Haus or from the 089Bar - Munich's inner circle!

The large champagne bar at the western end is under Sonja's stewardship. She directs the celebrating guests with a beaming smile and enjoys a loyal clientele. Toasts are made with Veuve Cliquot and other fine wines, with Paulaner wheat beer and occasionally with an Almdudler - only available there. And many a famous face can be spotted under the cover of the crowd.

"Heit is die guade oide Zeit von moang!"

Loosely based on Karl Valentin, the 089Bar quartet Max Braunmiller, Patrick Burckhart, Christian and Andy Haidinger have joined forces with the infamous man behing of EAT the RICH, Willy Kellerer, to enrich the most beautiful festival in the world at the BAR 1810, located at the western end of Kuffler's wine tent.

In addition to Munich Mule, there will be white wine from Italy, champagne and culinary delicacies as well as an exclusive "coffee time".

Go check it out!

We will let you into a quick secret- the best view of the whole wine tent is from our pretty gallery with its wooden balustrade decorated with grape vines.

Up here is the Hupfgoaß Bar, where the team around Markus provides the best hospitality and fun. The level of flirting can someotimes high, so it is only logical that a marriage proposal takes place with brass band music or a picture after a marriage that had its roots here.