The Tent

The most beautiful "Kuffler's Weinzelt" of all times!

Many visitors consider Kufflers Weinzelt as the most beautiful "Oktoberfest" tent. The typical jugs of beer are not found here, but "Paulaner" wheat beer is served until 9.00 p.m. in the traditional curly pint glasses.

Kuffler Weinzelt

Additionally, excellent wines, "Nymphenburg" sparkling wine and champagne of all classes can be consumed here. Beautiful old wood is processed to comfortable boxes; generous lattice windows with round arches can be found on three sides and give you, e.g., on the West side a panorama view of the "Bavaria".
The Bar on the gallery has its one loggia, the bars on the ground floor form one big bar area.

We stick to the special selection of foods of which we have always been proud. Delicacies from the homeland of Roland Kuffler, the Palatinate, are combined with the Oktoberfest titbits and the best from the restaurants of the Family Kuffler in Munich. By the way, there was always a wine tent at the Oktoberfest. We are therefore just preserving a tradition which is as old as the festival itself.



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